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"The Madrid Symphonic Band

with Josep Fuster in

Canals Theaters"  


Doce notas magazine.





Foto: Montserrat Capdevila

    "A glowing clarinetist"


             Fra. Javier Aguirre





   " Josep Fuster in the Fourteenth Festival of Comteporánea Music of Córdoba "

       Juan Miguel Moreno Calderón                   





     Diario El Punt  Barcelona  "A Shining clarinet"    

         Jordi Maluquer




"Fuster is a serious musician who plays music as it is written, but with great sensitivity and feeling. From a technical point of view Fuster's performance is impeccable, but the beauty of its sound and the elegant phrasing take center stage happily on the technical side."

Armand Ferlan. "The Clarinet"

Volumen 29 Number 1

December 2001


     La Vanguardia "Clarinete Maestro"    

      Jaume Radigales





Josep Fuster with its ductility in phrasing, solidity and expressiveness makes the tremendously difficult seem easy, in such a way that the listener abandons himself to the auditory pleasure caught by the charm of his clear execution.


Joaquin Zuera

Sinfonia Virtual, Nº 18 Enero, 2011.



Volume 29  Number 1 2001

   Critica  "Sinfonia Virtual" Musica Virtuosa Vol.II                                                     Joaquin Zuera




Review "AVUI"  newspaper 29 de Mayo de 2008

Xavier Casanoves Danés

"Select clarinet and piano concert"

Xavier Mesagué. Diario Terrasa

"Magic Night at Prades"

Àngel Pascual Sauch 

Prades, 2 de agosto del 2006 

 José A. Solé, interviews

 Josep Fuster

 (28 de Septiembre de 2014)

Fuster is a musician who, like the greatest ones, transforms virtuosity into emotion and difficulty into expression, even into heterogeneous recordings like the present but homogeneous in the excellence of the results. Results that overflow aesthetic pleasure and an interpretative "truth" that achieves superior communication, enhancing the technique of the instrument and rounding off an artistic milestone of an unquestionable entity.


Albert Ferrer Flamarich

Historiador del arte y musicógrafo

 440 Clàssica magazine nº 37

Ritmo Magazine

Revista Melomano


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